Stock-ing up for Christmas.

The Christmas season seems to kick off earlier and earlier every year. Shelves are already stocked with 2011 Christmas branded products and plenty of promotions are encouraging shoppers to get most of their christmas buying sorted early. The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics show that retail was up 0.6% in September – so here’s hoping consumer confidence is on the rebound for the winter season.

For a small business trading in goods there’s nothing worse than having sold out of your Christmas stock by the end of November. ‘I could have sold double this if only I could have held more stock’ is as tough as overcooked turkey to swallow.

A trading company’s ability to control stock is crucial during the seasonal rush – but it usually comes down to at least one of two things: cash-flow or logistics. Cash flow is what it is – if you’ve only got so much money to invest in this season’s must-have you can only buy what you can buy. You could borrow the money or get the goods on account – but you’d need to be very confident that what you’re buying is going to fly off the shelves.

Logistics though – they’re a different animal. If storage space is what’s limiting your ability to sell more – think laterally. Self storage could be just what you need. A temporary place to keep that extra stock – so you can get the most out of the Christmas rush. Find a Self Storage provider who offers pay by the day storage and you’ve found the most cost effective way to make room for more stock this christmas.