What’s the scariest thing you would put in storage?

As Halloween is rapidly approaching, ABC Selfstore thought we would take a look back at some of the scariest things ever stored away. Don’t worry by the way, our units at Camden, Southwark and Wandsworth aren’t haunted.


The Hope diamond

Supposedly cursed, definitely worth storing away, the Hope diamond

The Hope diamond is perhaps one of the most famous `cursed’ pieces of expensive jewellery ever cut and set. Stories abound that this distinctive 45 carat, blue-white gem brought ill fortune on those who traded it, stole it or sometimes wore it.

Believed to be part of a bigger stone originally cut in India centuries ago, the Hope diamond now sits in storage in the Smithsonian Institute and interestingly the last owner of the Hope posted the diamond to the museum, where it’s brought them good luck, attracting thousands of visitors every year.


In the 1980s many UK newspapers ran a series of stories suggesting that a painting of a crying boy remained untouched when several properties were damaged by fire. The story originated from one fireman, who thought it an unusual detail at a fire scene, then other readers called in to tell their stories.

After about a month of these stories popping up across the media The Sun newspaper offered readers with a crying boy picture to send it to their special bonfire – all the paintings were burnt successfully. But who knows, maybe one or two examples of this painting are still in storage somewhere across London?


No, this is not the title of a horror movie due out soon, but a fairly accurate description of Dr Gunther Von Hagen’s Plastination store, which sells body parts online.

Von Hagen became famous with his `Body Worlds’ exhibition, where visitors could see preserved human bodies, or just various parts. Despite the slightly creepy element to it all, it was immensely popular and Warwick University ended up buying a reported £400,000 worth of body parts from Von Hagen for their medical students to examine as part of their coursework.

Naturally we at ABC Selfstore don’t look after body parts, so don’t be scared of popping down and having a look around sometime!


Stored for centuries in the Valley of the Kings, the mummified remains of Pharaohs, their families and sometimes their servants and pets too, the legend of the `Mummy’ is a powerful one.

It’s provided inspiration for novelists and movie script writers over the last 70 years or so and in some ways the pyramids were a kind of storage unit for all the worldly goods that great Pharaohs amassed during their lifetimes. Jewels, clothes, food, wine, even faithful servants were all stored away alongside the mummy.


There is a story that the cold storage area at Castle Rock Brewery in Nottingham is haunted. As recently as Feb 2011 there are reports that a ghostly male figure was seen walking across the storage area, but a thorough investigation found nobody there. Spooky.

Meanwhile in Medford Wisconsin USA, one enterprising storage unit owner has transformed the building into a ‘House of Horror’ theme attraction, with a team of actors scaring the wits out of paying visitors. That’s probably one storage unit facility where you wouldn’t want to carefully pack away your furniture, summer clothes, old vinyl, tax records or a hundred and one other bits & pieces.

`Happy Halloween’ from everyone at ABC Selfstore in London.

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