London Places: Camden Town

ABC Selfstore thought we would take a trip back in time for this blog post, so we researched Camden, one of the three areas in London where our self storage units are located. Camden is one of the best places to live and work in London.


It’s often said that London isn’t just a city, it’s a collection of towns and villages and this is definitely the case with Camden Town. It really has its own unique identity, a different feel and much of that is down to the creative people drawn to the area over the years.

Some very notable people have lived in Camden since it was first built up back in the 1790s. Most famous of recent times is probably Amy Winehouse of course, but the area has had an attraction for writers, actors, poets and musicians over the years.

Amongst the more celebrated writers, we have had Charles Dickens, Beryl Bainbridge, Dylan Thomas, and 80s Indie icon Morrisey all making Camden their home at some point. It’s a fair bet to imagine that there are quite a few would-be writers living in Camden today, so if you have boxes of unpublished novels, or just a massive collection of cult books, letters and associated memorabilia, ABC Selfstore Camden can keep them safely tucked away of course.

There have been plenty of musicians in Camden too. 60s soul legend Dusty Springfield lived in the area and Camden has been pivotal in the London music scene for decades, with bands like Pink Floyd and the Jimi Hendrix Experience playing the Roundhouse, ( a former railway locomotive shed ) whilst `Brit Pop’ band members from Blur, Pulp and Oasis were all living and working here back in the 90s.

OK, there are no gigs scheduled at our York Way storage unit, which is just on the border between Camden and Islington, but if you need to store your guitars, amps, drums and keyboards between gigs, then we can help you out.

It’s hard to believe now that Camden was once a tiny village, or that Chalk Farm was actually a working farm, surrounded by green fields. Camden has expanded rapidly over the years, becoming a sought after area to live in, especially for the young.

Now if you’re moving to Camden, or already living here and stuck for a bit of storage space for all your market stock, such as pop art, vintage clothing, retro shoes, film posters, swinging 60s furniture etc then pop down and see us in York Way at the ABC Selfstore unit anytime – we are friendly people and we love Camden Town.