Is your storage in too deep with a removals firm?

Deep storage. It’s a term we use to describe the kind of storage the larger removals companies provide.  The sort of space you might need if you are ‘in limbo’ between your last home and the next. As well as big removals lorries (which they can’t keep your stuff in forever) the larger firms have their own warehousing space, and they’ll put your belongings in it (usually for an extra fee). So why is Self Storage sometimes better….

Removals Storage is a helpful service, as long as you don’t need to get to your things. If you do you’ll find (in almost all cases) that there’s a an additional charge, you might need to make an appointment and you won’t be able to access it yourself.  That’s why we call it deep storage.

Self Storage is much more accessible  You can access your unit whenever you like for no extra fee. So when you realise your fave teddy (who you can’t sleep without) must have been packed in a box – you’ll be able to go and liberate him.

If you want the best of both worlds (a removals company to do the lugging around and a self storage unit so you can still access things) just ask us! We have some terrific local removals firms who use our storage on behalf of their clients.  They’ve realised it is cheaper, more convenient and flexible than the alternatives.

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