Let the renovations begin!

As we move into the new year and start afresh you might start thinking about those home improvements and renovations. Projects that have been put aside in the autumn through the run up to Christmas are given a new lease of life as January kicks in. But if the tradesmen are booked or you’re thinking of dusting off the DIY overalls you might be thinking about what to on earth to do with what’s in the rooms at the moment.  That’s where we can help.
A self storage unit with us can be the difference between your favourite fixtures and furniture getting trashed or staying cherished.  Think of a storage unit like your spare room away from home, a walk in loft at the end of the road or the garage you never had.

Our storage units are the perfect place for keeping your furniture and other home contents safe and sound. They’re clean, dry and flexible too – because with us you only pay for the days you stay. That means (unlike other storage company’s) if your project is done and dusted quickly (pardon the pun) you won’t pay for days you haven’t used. We don’t insist on a minimum term for storage and we don’t charge early move out fees.

And if the project overruns no bother, you can stay as long as you need.  We won’t insist you take up another storage term and we’ll refund the difference for any days you’ve paid for but don’t use.

It’s simple, fair and just the job when it comes to making room to renovate your home.