On your marks, get set, store!

If you’re lucky enough to live in London and to have a spare room at your property then here’s an idea that might interest you… it’s the olympic sized income you could be earning from that space.  A virtual stash of cash that’s not hidden in the mattress of the spare bed… but exists between the four walls you could be renting out.

You’ll have no doubt heard of a small global sporting event that comes round once every 4 years and is coming to London in 2012. Yes, that’s it – the one with the dubious logo, plenty of corporate sponsors and a ticketing system that’s come in for more than its fair share of flack. Not to mention some impressive sports facilities and stadia that have emerged from a building site in Stratford, East London.

The five ringed circus (or Olympics as most people like to call it) is heading to London. It’s the biggest opportunity for the world’s sporting elite to dazzle us with their world-class talents. It’s also the biggest opportunity for Londoners with a spare room to earn a few extra quid.

People will be coming to watch and they’ll need somewhere to stay.

All the indications are that accommodation will be in short supply and where there are vacancies the cost will make you want to run a mile (or 1,609 metres to be exact).  That kind of demand means your spare room has become an unlikely asset. 16 days of supply and demand that mean your room could see you make enough to head of on holiday when it is all over.

“But the room is full of my stuff”, we hear you say. Well, yes, you’ll need to find somewhere cheap, safe and secure to store your bulky and precious possessions whilst the sports fans are a-visitin’. But just like the athletes competing in the games – the end reward will outweigh the effort getting ready.

Your next question is bound to be…  “Okay, so I can clear out my room. How do I sell it?” Good question, and that’s the brilliant thing about the internet. There’s plenty of ways of selling your room.  The simplest is to sign-up to one of the many specialist online services – sites like rentduringthegames.co.uk   Londonrentmyhouse.co.uk  mondaytofriday.com and crashpadders.com  Alternatively you could try eBaying it… or listing on Gumtree.

Of course, there’s also some dull and boring stuff to consider – like notifying your insurance company and checking your contents insurance will remain valid. Don’t forget you could move anything – furniture, artwork, valuables –  out into temporary storage where it will be covered.  And most important of all – don’t forget to make sure all your appliances that require safety certificates (Gas boilers, Heaters that kind of thing) are all serviced and up to date. The specialist sites above will be able t help you with advice on the nitty-gritty of all that.

So, On your Marks, Get Set, Rent!

And if you want more information on London 2012 and how to get involved click the banner…

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