Having spent last night watching the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Hunger Games’, which focuses on how people survive in a post-apocalyptic world, it got us thinking.  If this was really to happen, what would you store away to help ensure your survival if London was to become an apocalyptic “district”?

Perhaps the most important thing would be a tent – essential for providing shelter and a base. Maybe put in a sleeping bag or two for good measure; you never know who you may meet on your travels, and you may not want to share your sleeping arrangements, washing is not a priority when being hunted by packs of lawyers gone feral!

It would be vitally important to know what’s going on in the world and where to head off to in order to find other survivors, so a radio would make the storage list.  But as there is likely to be no electricity it may have to be a solar powered version.

Warm clothes are also a must, you don’t need all your old coats cluttering up your house, but we imagine that after an apocalypse, fashion may not be at the font of peoples’ minds (unless you live in the Capitol). Or ‘shabby chic’ may be the look that you go for! Keep all of your old jumpers and leggings, just in case…

No one wants to run around barefoot trying to find food so make sure you keep a good pair of shoes or hiking boots. We’ve all bought a pair over the years, full of good intentions only to have them stuffed at the back of the wardrobe taking up valuable space and gathering dust. Put them into storage ready for when they will really come in handy.

Although not a matter of life and death, old photo albums would give you the opportunity to reminisce about loved ones and remember the great times you had together before the war. With your photos in storage, no harm will come to them and the memories will be there waiting for you!

It may seem a bit doom and gloom as fighting for your life is not great conversation for a lovely spring day, but we think it’s always good to be prepared!  So in the unlikely event of an apocalyptic war, don’t be surprised to find people heading to their self storage spaces to retrieve their valuable items for survival.

But the unusual thing is that we already have plenty of customers in our sites in Southwark, Camden and Wandsworth who store all or some of the above.  Is there something going on that we don’t know about?!

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