Storage – Archiving Records

If your business has suddenly grown recently or you are now suffocating under all of the paperwork that you have accumulated then renting a storage unit may be the ideal solution for you!

ABC Selfstore located in Camden, Southwark and Wandsworth have unit sizes to suit all your archiving needs from lockers to a 5,000 square ft unit for your companies vast record collection.

We have archive boxes available to buy which are strong and sturdy plus a comprehensive list of items you may need whilst packing ready for you to store your records safely and securely at one of our ABC stores.

ABC also offer the Business Bundle which includes:

  • 10% discount on standard unit rental
  • Discounted rates on contents insurance while you are storing
  • Free insurance compliant BSI approved padlock

For more information on how you could store your records and to get a quote visit our website or call 0800 046 1955