Wimbledon doubles championships

Wimbledon, the All England Club. Just down the road from our Wandsworth store, it’s the place where a modest grass court tennis tournament takes place at the end of June.

But in 2012 the All England Club will be host to two tournaments – The Championships, Wimbledon (to give the Wimbledon Tournament it’s full title) and – just under 3 weeks later – the Olympics 2012. If you’re a self storage savvy Tennis coach you’ll know it might sense to leave some of your protégés kit in London…

Tennis these days isn’t just about a set of whites and a wooden racket. Gone are the “Fred Perry” days of a neatly pressed pair of white trousers and polo shirt.  The holdalls that Tennis athletes bring on to court are so big that a hefty oversize baggage charge is almost a certainty.  That’s OK for the top stars, to whom shelling out a further £120 in return airline baggage fees is nothing. But for the on-a-shoestring-yet-to-make-it up and coming athlete that can be quite a sum.

There’s barely time for the grass to grow back in the 20 days from the final of Wimbledon on July 8th to the opening rounds of the Olympic Tennis Tournament on July 28th. With many athletes choosing to miss minor tournaments and recharge before the Olympics (and then warm up in the UK)  lugging that bag of rackets, shoes, towels and energy drinks back home seems a bit pointless – and expensive.

We’ve got a solution. A self storage locker at our Wandsworth store could be from £7 a week. But that’s not the best bit… if you’re an up and coming player you won’t know quite how far you’re going to make it through either tournament. With ABC Selfstore you only pay for the days you stay – so whether you’re knocked out in round one, or make a shock breakthrough to the final – we’ll always refund any days you’ve paid for but haven’t used.

Game, Set and Match ABC Selfstore.

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