Sports equipment storage that’s perfect for the budding olympian…

Sports, some of them come with little equipment, others need a lot.

Take high diving for example, get yourself a pair of speedos and you’re set. That’s a bit different to equestrian sports such as three day eventing where you’ll need a lorry, or athletics such as pole vault, javelin and hurdles. If you’re based in London you might think all that sports hardware is something you (quite literally) just have to live with. But that’s not so – self storage might be the answer…

Let’s start with three day eventing. Being a rider comes with an awful lot to lug about and the paraphernalia that caring for a horse and competing across many events takes up a lot of space. First off there’s your dressage and jumping saddles, your riding hats, dressage suits and cross-country body armour, tack, bandages… it’s a big list. But what do you do if you don’t have a lorry and space at the stables isn’t particularly secure?

Athletics might be your thing though and there’s lots of events where you need more than just shoes and lycra. Javelins, hammers, vaulting poles, discus’, hurdles – even the jumps from the steeplechase. If you are serious about training and being a contender you’ll undoubtedly have your own.  And if you are up and coming, the chances are you won’t have lots of room for it all in your London room.

You might be one of the coaching staff for a team sport such as football or hockey. There’ll be home and away strips for the 23 players in your squad, plus all the cones, field markers and ladders that you might use in training…  Add in a set of sticks and protection for your goalie and suddenly all that  kit is (almost literally) stacking up. At the other end of the spectrum there’s the beach Volleyball – but let’s face it – a small holdall is probably enough for their team kit. So one of our storage lockers will be ample.

Whatever your sport a safe, secure self storage unit might well be the answer and you’d be surprised how much you can fit into a storage unit. It could be the sportswear locker you’ve always dreamed of – your big ‘Toy cupboard’. You’d also be surprised just how cheap that extra space is to rent and we will of course have a unit that will be just right for your needs.  Contact us to find out more.

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