It is that time of year – the start of a new school term. For many that means the beginning of a new adventure, leaving home for the first time and partaking on the journey that is University. In the past the start of the school year has meant new shoes, a new coat, and most excitingly a new pencil case! But university is a whole new level, and here at ABC Self Store we have enough experience taking care of students’ belongings over the summer that we have compiled a list of a few essentials to take with you…

A laptop with a printer – It may seem like common sense for someone studying at uni, but many people don’t bring a printer. It is true that there are libraries which hold the appropriate facilities, but who wants the stress of trying to find a free computer and queuing for the printer as everyone madly approaches their essay deadline – and don’t say you won’t leave it until the last minute, everyone makes that mistake at least once!

A blanket – Controlling the temperature in student accommodation can be pretty tricky and heating can get expensive, if you are the type of person who likes to be snug, taking an extra blanket or two can be a good idea – you don’t want to be the nag who goes round shutting windows and whacking on every radiator in the place! A spare blanket is also a good idea for any unfortunate people who can’t find their way to a bed after a heavy night – just lay it over them and wait to trip over them in the morning!

A fan – in the same way that your accommodation can be freezing in the winter, it can also get seriously warm in the spring and summer. In many halls of residence the windows have restrictors to stop any silly behaviour, and although sensible, it does mean that it is impossible to get a good airflow through the room (this is not only a problem when it’s hot, students can also get smelly, that’s not a cliché, it’s the truth!)

A plant – Now this may seem a bit unnecessary, but a plant can give your room a fresher, more homely feel. Student accommodation can be pretty unadventurous with the décor but a plant will bring a room to life – and guys, it also looks nice for the ladies…!

Fancy dress box – Fancy dress is part of the induction into student life, most of fresher’s week revolves around it and the more outrageous and the more effort you put in, the better! Some of the best we’ve seen include crayons, sponge bobs, ribena berries, and a giant rubix cube… though a sombrero and a fake moustache always goes down well!

We hope this has helped and wish you luck! And if you need somewhere to store your bits and bob over Christmas, here at ABC Self Store we are more than happy to help!