Them and us, who’s self storage is cheapest really?

You’ll often hear us banging on about scrutinising the ‘whole deal’, making sure you’re not having the wool pulled over your eyes when it comes to the overall cost of your self storage. With so many introductory offers around, it’s easy to assume that you’ll be getting the cheapest deal by plumping for the biggest discount.

That’s not always true. You need to calculate the cost of the storage over the whole term you’ll be using it – here’s a couple of examples why…

Our super-storage-savvy managers Priya and Charlotte took it on themselves to illustrate the point. They looked at the overall cost of storing with a couple of our competitors – whose introductory deals look very hard to beat.   We won’t be so mean as to name and shame them, but we will say that they’re both big brands in the storage business.

Priya compared prices for renting a small storage unit (20sqft) for a 16 week stay in the Camden area of London. For this example we didn’t include insurance (but remember that ABC Self Storage insurance is covered by our price promise).

At first glance the competitor deal looks dazzling…
First 8 weeks half price. 

The ABC deal is a tad less shiny…
First 4 weeks 50% off.  

Get behind the numbers though and all is not as it appears.
Our standard daily rental cost is less than theirs, so the total cost of the 16 week stay is noticeably cheaper:

Competitor cost:
First 8 weeks = £164
Next 8 weeks = £328

Total for 16 week stay is £492

ABC Selfstore cost:
First 8 weeks = £22.13/week
Next 8 weeks = £236

Total for length of stay = £413

Our lower standard weekly rate means that over the course of the full 16 weeks you’ll save a massive £79. You can do a lot with £79.  A meal for two with drinks. A tank of fuel. A pair of tickets for a west end show. Two goes round on the London Eye…

It’s not a one-off either.  Charlotte, manager of our Wandsworth Store found a similar situation with one of our more colourful competitors… this time for a 24 week stay, but in a medium storage unit  (50 sqft) and we’ve included insurance this time too…

50% off the first 8 weeks
Then £140 per four weeks there after and insured to value of £5k
Total £832

100% off the first 4 weeks
Then £135 per week there after and insured to value of £5k
Total £765

That’s a saving of £67. Another meal out. Or tickets to see your favourite act at the 02. Or a couple of adult entries to Madame Tussaud’s.
It doesn’t take long to calculate the difference, so it really pays to crunch those numbers. Think now, pay less.  Plus of course there’s our legendary customer service, Free Van Hire and our golden rule which all stack up to better value self storage at ABC Selfstore.

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