Is clutter messing with your head?

Have you received one of our ABC Selfstore declutter flyers courtesy of Jog Post recently? If not you soon will!

We spotted Reena and Zakie the Jog Post distribution supervisor at our Camden branch with the next installement of self storage flyers.



As recently reported in the press, a survey for ABC SELFSTORE has shown that “Londoners are drowning under a layer of clutter”.. Epidemic levels of untidiness were uncovered with 90% of people claiming to have messy homes and 85% of those ‘clutter-bugs’ agreeing that the level of untidiness in their homes made them feel down and unhappy.

London Lifestyle Coach, Olivia Landsberg believes that clutter is a serious issue: “The reality is, clutter costs – it costs us energy, space, time and pride.  We’re in conflict with our values, which leaves us tired and apathetic.  Rather than grab the bull by the horns and clear it we rationalise with excuses – “there’s too much else to do” “I may need it some day” “.

The ABC survey showed that, almost without exception, Londoners deal with their mess by having an occasional blitz and no one claimed to have the solution to keeping it under control and the majority cited ‘lack of space’ as the reason for their cluttered home.

Against expectations, women were taking the brunt of the blame.  50% of people blamed household untidiness on their partners and 80% of these were men blaming their female partners!

In addition to books, clothes, shoes and small items, household clutter also comprises many larger items including skis, surfboards, furniture and family heirlooms. A staggering 80% of people questioned felt that putting their possession into storage could solve their clutter problems.

David Milton, MD of ABC Selfstore said: “ We know that Londoners are at crisis point in terms of finding space large enough to accommodate them and their possessions in the city.  A lot of our customers use us like a ‘spare room’ and will store everything from books and bikes to family antiques – ease of access means that they can place their hands on their possessions at any time but don’t have to deal with the frustration of finding space for them in a small flat or house.”

Olivia Landsberg has the following advice for clearing your clutter:

  1. Stop blaming your partner or your kids!  Write down 5 personal benefits of having a de-cluttered space then write down 5 knock-on benefits.  Encourage those you share your home with to do this too and you may actually find you all want the same thing.
  2. Identify which room or aspect of clutter you are resisting tackling as this will probably be the biggest energy drain…this is the task to start with as it will give you the momentum to continue
  3. As you go through your clutter ask yourself “do I love it?” and “does this contribute to my future?” – if the answer to either is ‘yes; then you can keep it or store it.
  4. Reward yourself – set a target to clear your clutter and set a reward at the end – a meal out? A facial?  Acknowledge what you’ve done, learn from the exercise and try and remember how good you feel now that your space is cleared!

Survey completed by Rock Communications

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