Moving a Space Shuttle is a bit like moving home….

Here at ABC Towers we can’t help but spot the similarities between unusual events and everyday self storage life.   Just recently it was the evocative story of the final ‘flight’ of Space Shuttle Endeavour. Piggy backed  atop a special transport aircraft, she spent two days doing a ‘lap of honour’  as she made her way across the USA from Florida to Los Angeles, California

Click to watch the truly impressive time lapse of  Space Shuttle Endeavour‘s final journey through L.A – from the LA Times.

Moving a Space Shuttle requires some huge technical challenges to be overcome, but the similarities between doing that and using self storage when you move house are much closer than you’d think, it’s just a question of scale and resources…

(Jumbo) Van hire…  

First off you’re going to need something to move your belongings from A to B.  NASA invented the perfect van…  a specially adapted Boeing 747. For the average homeowner it’s a van of the four wheeled variety, and you can’t do much better that one of our free for 2hrs StreetVan’s.

Looking after your shuttle (or sofa)… 

Whilst you are moving your Orbitor, it’s a good idea to keep the fragile bits (like engines) covered so they don’t get damaged. In the spacecraft’s case that can help with streamlining it too so NASA created a special pointy tail cover to sit over the engines.  Of course, your household furniture is a tad less glamorous than 3 monster rocket engines, but the principle is the same. Choose from a range of packaging material to protect your goods while they’re in transit.

Specialist moving equipment….

Not everyone needs a massive crane and some specialist scaffold pole to lift their household goods in and out, or on and off of their van. But you will probably need some form of handling equipment – like palette, warehouse or porters trolley’s. All of our self-storage centres will have plenty, in various shapes and sizes, to help you get your things from your plane to your hanger. Or should we say your van to your unit.

So there we go – we bet you never knew that moving a Space Shuttle had quite so much in common with self storage.

With both Concord and now the Space Shuttle fleets being consigned to Museums, we can’t help thinking that we’ve passed the peak of human, erm, endeavour.