Top Tips for Moving House

We’re getting more and more customers who are using ABC Selfstore as a ‘stopping off point’ while they move home.  And to save money on the removal costs many of them are trying a bit of ‘Move-It-Yourself’ (M.I.Y). Hiring a van. Getting their hands dirty. Putting their backs into it.

So we thought it would be helpful to put together some self storage top-tips if you’re considering a bit of M.I.Y…

Invest in some decent packaging.  There’s nothing worse than getting into your new home and discovering half your dinner set is smashed. Or that your expensive reproductions of Picasso’s finest have taken some bad knocks.  Making do with the boxes from the supermarket or the packaging from the last few things you bought online might seem like a way of saving a few pounds – but it can be a huge false economy. It’ll cost more to replace the things that get broken than to package them better.

New packaging that’s made for the job makes a big difference when it comes to protecting your ‘favourite fragiles’. A home moving kit  is the kind of thing we mean. Choose from a range of ‘packages for packaging’ sized by property.

Get rid of as much clutter as you can.  We Brits love to accumulate clutter, it’s a favourite past-time. If you’re moving house it makes sense to have a clear out before you leave. The best time to do that is whilst you’re packing. We find a well organised game of ‘keep or chuck’ breaks up the day between winding bubble wrap, folding cardboard and  sticking parcel tape. And the highlight of your day will be that satisfying feeling of taking everything you put in that ‘chuck’ pile to the recycling centre.

Find a place for valuables or things you need to reach.  Some things you might want to keep safe, whilst others you might need access to whilst you move.  Discovering the car needs taxing the day of the move, and that the documents are all in the filing cabinet that went into the van first… is not a great feeling.

A small storage locker could be all the space you need to keep a those few select  belongings that you need access to, or the ones you’d simply rather not risk with a move.

Have a Plan B.  Even with the best will in the world things can go wrong with with a move.  One of the worst is when you’ve moved out of your old place, but for whatever reason – delayed searches, buyers in a chain getting jittery – you can’t get into your new one. You’ve a van full of ‘home’ and no home to take it to.  What do you do? Well that’s where one of our larger self storage units can come to the rescue. And because at ABC you only pay for the days you stay – you’ll know you won’t be paying for longer than you need to.


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