Why it’s ok to look forward to the end of summer…

We may have had some of the most successful and exciting months this summer in London, but let’s face it, the weather has been awful. Here in our office at ABC Self Store, we are feeling rather cheated that our favourite season has let us down, but rather than sulk, we thought we’d look ahead, to get excited about the end of summer and what we can look forward to now that the days are getting shorter…

Firstly, we notice a drop in temperature. For the past few months, we have insisted on wearing our ‘summer wardrobe’ to make the most of the fashion and our special holiday purchases. But now we can give in to the knitted jumper, snuggling up in a warm coat and socks!!!

With this also comes the end of the beach body diet as we need those extra couple of pounds to keep us warm, hidden safely away under a number of layers. We can also put away the bottle of fake tan, stop pretending that we have managed to maintain the bronzed look that we got from one week in the sun!

Everyone loves a get together and the start of summer promises bbqs and long evenings spent relaxing in the garden, but how many times did you get to do that this year!? Now you can put your deck chairs, parasol and your bbq into storage and plan your parties stress free, no more worrying that the weather will be ok, that all your guests might be rained on, your expensive garden furniture and accessories will be ruined. In the winter you make plans based on the assumption that outside will be cold and wet, and you wrap up warm inside.

Infact, the autumn offers two of our favourite events; Halloween and Bonfire night! No matter what age you are, we still get excited at the thought of a sparkler and a toffee apple. Team this with mulled wine and a fancy dress outfit and that is our idea of a party! The sky explodes all over London, with numerous festivities and friendly get-togethers.

What can be more romantic than wrapping up warm and strolling through one of London’s most beautiful parks, stopping off for a hot chocolate whilst looking at the lights around our great city. Wonder up Primrose Hill to get views across the whole of London, or in Wandsworth the high street is beautiful and the warm pubs welcoming.

Here at ABC Selfstore, we can take care of all your outdoor furniture and your summer wardrobe, along with anything else you might be tripping over at your home. Pop into our sites in Southwark, Camden or Wandsworth and see what option will suit your needs the best.