Christmas is coming…

It is now less than a month to go until the big day, and whilst many of us have been grumbling and moaning that November is too early for Christmas songs and festive decorations, preparations have already begun across London.

Streets and streets of windows are filled with the sight of a thousand sparkling lights, with huge Christmas trees covered in glimmering balls. For most of us who are now finishing work in the dark, the sparkling lights add to the growing sense of excitement (and nervous anticipation) that we need to get ourselves ready.

At ABC Selfstore we have spotted a variety of decorations coming out of people’s storage units. From huge Father Christmases for the roof, to artificial Christmas trees, to boxes and boxes of tinsel. One cunning Mum has been using her unit to hide her presents from the kids, and has even set up her own wrapping area!

Trends surrounding Christmas have changed over the years, do you go for white lights, coloured, static, flashing, musical!? Do you have novelty baubles, stylish, colour co-ordinated? Now’s the time to be checking what decorations you have in storage and what you will need for the season ahead.

At the end of the day, Christmas is all about tradition, and for many of us, we don’t care about sticking to the latest colour theme for our tree. What matters most to us is hanging our favourite decorations year on year, no matter how tatty they may be getting, it may be something that your children made for you at school ten years ago, or the last surviving bauble from an expensive splurge one year.

Here at ABC Selfstore we will take care of any belongs, whether short term storage of presents or decorations that you want to keep safe. So rather than cramming the box into a cupboard or under the bed to gather dust, why not let us take care of them for you, until you need them!