A Londoners ode to storing presents this Christmas…

Shhh – don’t tell the kids…  this year we’ve noticed that customers are using our  storage lockers as a seasonal space to keep their Christmas presents away from prying eyes!

To applaud and celebrate this brilliant idea (we hadn’t thought of it ourselves), we thought we’d create a special version of Good King Wenceslas.

Good King Wenceslas looked out, ‘cross the West of London,
Christmas gifts all roundabout, where and what to get them?
Browsing here and shopping there, less soon became more.
Once back home he faced the scare, where ’tis best to sto-or-ore?

At the back of the wardrobe, might just seem too easy.
If the kids decide to look, they might find their pressies.
Under the bed’s ob-vi-ous, Mum could find hers to-oo
I need somewhere safe, secure – that they cannot vi-e-ew.

Presents stacked and padlock closed, gifts are safely hidden.
It will never be disclosed, where those gifts were ridden.
Save to say the Alphabet, lends a pointing hand.
First three letters make the set, found in Selfstore land.

If you need temporary storage for Christmas Presents then an ABC Selfstore locker could be it!