How to keep Christmas presents away from prying eyes

In the day and age of internet shopping keeping Christmas presents secret until the big day is harder than ever. Everyone in the family will know that a postal delivery from Amazon, John Lewis or e-bay at this time of year is likely to be presents – and that means they’ll be hidden somewhere in the house.  So here’s a different way to keep everything away from prying eyes, from the moment you make an online purchase to when you need to put them under the tree on Christmas Eve… 

As your that stash of Christmas presents grows it gets harder to keep them locked away and safely hidden. And, let’s face it, the temptation of knowing what’s going to be under the tree can get the better of even the most self-disciplined of family members, let alone the kids!

At ABC Selfstore we’ve got a solution, they’re called self storage lockers and they’re an ideal place to keep all your gifts where no one else can get to them. A storage locker is a small, cheap, safe and secure space that you rent from us to store almost anything you like, and they’re ideal for Christmas presents.

We’re one of very few (and the only one in London) to offer genuinely short-term self storage.  ABC Selfstore customers Only Pay for the Days You Stay. Which means that if you only need your unit for just two or three weeks – (ideal in the run-up to Christmas) we’ll refund any days you haven’t used. And unlike our competitors, we don’t charge early move out fees.

But the best bit – is that we can also be your delivery address. So those online orders don’t have to go anywhere near your home until you are ready.  You can buy them, have them shipped to us, then simply pop down and put them in your storage locker or unit where they’ll be safe, secure and away from your house. We’re open until 3pm on Christmas Eve –  just in time for when the man in the Red Suit needs those pressies.

Find out more about our Storage Lockers and Small Storage Units.  Happy Christmas!