Short term self storage that’s the business for moving office

Just like people do with their homes, businesses sometimes need to move premises. There are many reasons for moving: premises cost, facilities, transport and communication networks, skilled workforce location, or simply an increase or decrease in personnel. Whatever’s driving it an office move is one of the biggest logistical challenges any business can face. So how on earth can self storage help… Just because your business is moving it doesn’t mean you’ll stop doing business. But keeping the wheels turning for your stock-in-trade whilst your  fundamental physical world is hauled from A to C is a massive challenge.  And a big part of it is how you keep access to the administrative stuff and hardware that you may still need. We think of it as the really helpful ‘B’ in the middle of that A to C.

That’s where we come in.  A storage room at one of our stores is a flexible space that you can rent for just as long as you need it (with us you’ll only pay for the days you stay). It’s a great ‘stopping off point’ and a convenient way of keeping access to the things your business needs while the move is going on.   

It’s a great way to:

  • Get prepared: You can begin renting before your office move and get much of the things you might need into store in advance.
  • Move in small steps You can make the most of your storage unit to move in small steps, before and after your premises move – rather than all at once in one huge go.
  • Maintain unlimited access: You can have as much access as you need to the thinks you have in store (unlike some of the deep storage services provided by removals services).
  • Stay connected: Even when you are down at our store, our Free Wifi access means that you can stay connected to your business network.
  • Be organised: When you move in one big go you end up with a huge job to organise your new office. Using self storage gives you flexibility to move everything in bite sized chunks – fitting in around business, rather than disrupting it.
  • Keep storing: if you discover that your new office is a clearer nicer place for not having lots of things around, but you can’t lose those things (like archiving of paperwork) – you can simply keep renting your unit as an off site facility (we even discount long-term storage).

You can find out more about our brilliant storage deals for businesses who are moving, our exclusive self storage ‘Business Bundle’ and get live pricing from our Storage for Business page .  ABC Selfstore Business Storage – it really stacks up!