The ABC Factor (it comes a long way before X)

Here at ABC Selfstore you’ll regularly hear us saying how proud we are of all our staff. It’s a pride that is based in the consistently high ratings our customers show us in their feedback. If there was an X-factor to find  brilliant self-storage people, we’re pretty sure we’d own Boot Camp…It shouldn’t be a surprise really – as there are some fundamental things that we look for when we recruit new members to the ABC Selfstore team.  First and foremost it’s making sure we choose people who share our values and ‘get’ our Golden RuleTreat others how you’d like to be treated yourself.

Now we could carry on the love-in and continue to bang-on about how wonderful we all are, but we thought we’d leave it to our staff to show they’re mustard. And now they can, because we’ve got a YouTube channel.  Look closely and you can see our Golden Rule glinting in their eyes… it’s much better than the X-Factor, it’s what we call the A-B-C Factor.