A self storage unit – your very own “Mr Benn” cupboard.

For those of you not old enough to to remember 1970s character Mr Benn, he was a children’s cartoon character who embarked on a series of exciting adventures in the 1970s. The adventures began via a magic door in his local Costume shop.  You can familiarise yourselves with this episode – Mr Benn Scuba Diver.

For the rest of us, who do hazily recall the Bowler hatted Civil Servant who resided in his red-brick terrace house at  52 Festive Road (reputedly based on Festing Road in our very own Wandsworth), let us explain what we mean by Mr Benn cupboard…
Mr Benn had lots of adventures. 13 episodes of adventures to be exact.  From Frogman to Spaceman, from Clown to Cowboy, from Wizard to Balloonist. He was the epitome of a 2 dimensional animated adventure sports enthusiast, long before half of the adventure sports we know today had been invented.

It struck us that Mr Benn is similar to some of our customers – people who like to fill up their spare time with adventure activities.  But Mr Benn had a shop down the road who kept the kit. The real world is different and (sadly) there’s no magic door to get you there… plus sports gear is a personal thing – so lots of people like to buy their own.

That’s where we come in.  A storage unit is the perfect place to store all that equipment until the moment you need it.  So you no longer have to navigate your snowboard to reach the living room, or avoid dinging your surfboard when opening the wardrobe, or move your scuba-tank when you want to shut the kitchen door to avoid the smoke alarm going off.

So here’s to the Mr and Mrs Benn’s of the world, stay safe and enjoy the thrills and if you need space for your equipment give us a bell or book online.

And the next time you’re visiting your unit, if you’re really, really lucky, as if by magic, the shopkeeper might appear. But in the more than likely event that he doesn’t you’ll still be greeted be one of our friendly and helpful team.

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