A (tax) Inspector calls – part 2

Ring-ring, ring-ring, ring-ring…
You answer.

It’s a lovely sounding lady from HMRC, your business has been chosen for a tax audit and they’re coming tomorrow. It’s going to be a long day… and night!

If you’re getting Deja-vu, don’t worry, this is part 2 of our blog about why archiving can be such a good thing. If you haven’t already, you can read part 1 here.

“Are you alright,” your secretary says, she spotted the frown that you wear when  something unexpected happens.  “That was HMRC, they’re auditing us tomorrow,” you reply.  ” I’ll need to nip out over lunch and pick up the paperwork from the archives so they can check it against our tax return, no problem really.”

At 12.15pm you jump in the car and head through Camden, heading south-east at the cross-roads by The Unicorn you look for ABC Selfstore on the right. “They’ve got smart new banners,” you say to yourself as you pull in to the loading bay.  You find your storage key-card, let yourself in, grab a trolley and take the lift to your unit on the second floor. Unlocking your unit you see your archive boxes, just as you left them.

Stacking the three marked ‘Accounts 11/10’ on the trolley, you lock up and head back down to the loading bay to put them in the car.   As you lift the last box into the car you check your watch and realise you’ve got time for a cup of coffee in reception, on the house.  Chatting to the ABC team is always a pleasure and there’s always the free Wifi if you need to connect to the office.

Then it’s back in the car and back to business, via The Deli in York Way, (they do a good Coronation Chicken Bap) for a full afternoon’s work and then an early night – the taxman’s coming in the morning.

The moral of the Story?  Keeping good records and having somewhere to keep them safe and sound will make life much easier when the taxman calls.  Plus, as it’s a business expense it’s tax deductible and you can claim the VAT back!  So ABC Selfstore will be in the archive as well as the archive being in ABC Selfstore…

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