ABC’s Nadine from Southwark

Position Held: Store Manager at Southwark

Question 1 – Why would you choose ABC Selfstore?

I would use ABC Selfstore if I needed storage because of the welcoming and approachable staff across all 3 stores. It’s great when you get the same level of customer service wherever you go! It just proves that all the training and investment into the staff pays off and creates a really friendly and helpful and productive environment for the customer.

Question 2 – Tell us what’s so great about Southwark local community?

The local community in Southwark are always holding events to bring the community together. We like to get involved as well through websites like Streetlife.

Question 3 – There are countless London attractions which is your favourite?

One of my favourite London Attractions has to be Leicester Square. You’ll always find a nice place to eat drink or have a little dance! It’s great being in Southwark as the local transport links means it’s easy to get there, either by bus or train.

Question 4 – X factor or Strictly?

X factor wins!

Question 5 – Your favourite moment working in self storage?

I have quite a few good moments at ABC Selfstore. One that stands out was when I became Store Manager. I was so happy to know that I had the support of the company, my team and the customers in my new role.