The exhilarating sport often echoes with the big question; which is better, skiing or snowboarding? This debate has often brought many feuds between those on two planks and the snow surfers, but here at ABC Selfstore we believe they are both as thrilling as each other.

Both sports have a lot in common; both involve adventure seeking holiday-makers flying down a hill in all the gear that takes up most of their attic space, both involve the great outdoors and perhaps some of the most beautiful places on earth. So what’s the main difference other than snowboarders have one less piece of wood strapped to their feet?

Skiers are the snobs of the slopes, often spotted in their stylish designer all in one suits and fur trimmed boots. They have the advantage of poles and rarely have to remove their skis throughout the day, gliding elegantly onto the ski lifts. However, if a skier is unlucky enough to fall over, the struggle to get back on their feet may not be such an elegant sight.

Snowboarders are easy to spot in there brightly coloured, crazy printed salopettes and helmets. These laid back ‘boarders’ charmingly glide through the power whilst exerting their effort to maintain on the edge of the board, as failing to do so can result in a bruised ego (or other body parts for that matter!) Using the drag lift also involves the pains of un-strapping one foot. However, many skiers envy the snowboarder as when you reach the top of the mountain and want to relax and take in the glorious views, they can simply sit down with ease.

When your knees can’t take anymore, and the tiredness sets in, both skiers and boarders love to explore the shops in the ski resort. Spending those left over Euro’s on a new pair of boots, a helmet or even an entire new wardrobe if they take the opportunity to cross codes.

But once you get home, the sudden realisation sets in, the loft is full of Christmas decorations and the garage is home to the kid’s bikes. Where will the helmets, poles, boots and salopettes go?

This is where we can help. ABC Selfstore will be happy to help take care of the lot until next season. We offer affordable self storage units in three locations across London (Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark) and can give you a safe, secure and convenient storage for all your sports gear – whether its boards or skis, we really don’t mind!


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