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Business paperwork, it’s rarely fun, and it’s easy to put off…
and put off…  and put off…

But it is mighty satisfying when you get it all sorted, documented and archived. The big problem then is where to put those records, especially because, legally, they need to be kept for quite a long time. Whilst that 2011/12 box of financial archives would make a great footrest under the Company Secretary’s desk, it’s not ideal to have it cluttering up the office.  But there is one cheap and simple solution and it’s our bread and butter…
There are lots of rules and regulations around record keeping. Some of them involve the potential of audit with Government Departments (such as HMRC), others might only come up if there’s an issue in your business being challenged that you need to scrutinise (such Health and Safety), and then there’s all the other stuff, which might include import export records, and paperwork for business, environmental and waste management regulations.

They all add up to one thing. That it’s essential business practice to keep comprehensive records in a secure, safe and accessible environment. For many businesses and organisations, that safe, secure and accessible space might be a store cupboard, a corner of the office or there might simply be no space at all, so it ends up under desks and in corridors.

An ABC Business Self Storage unit is the perfect place for archiving documents. It’s accessible (you can get into your unit as frequently as you like during work hours) as well as safe and secure.

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And if you need some help understanding some of what you need to keep records for and for how long, the lovely people at HMRC have some handy advice

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