Make room in your student accommodation

Student rooms. Or student no-rooms as they should probably be called.  Let’s face it the average student accommodation is not exactly palatial. There might be a bed, a chest of drawers and a small wardrobe, but the floorspace between them could only best be described as a thin strip.  And as student life these days comes with so much extra stuff, that can mean that your academic life is spent living amongst it.  So what can you do to make more room? Well a storage locker might be a good start…

There are loads of reasons why student digs don’t always cut it on the space stakes.  Sports kit for your favourite University club or society, your art course sculptures, the 12 cheap crates of beer you picked up at the cash and carry – they’re all valid reasons why you might want some extra space to store the things you can’t be without – but don’t want to live amongst.

What you really need is another secure space. Somewhere you can store the other 11 crates of beer while you make a start on the first. Room between matches to hang up all the necessary body protection that comes with modern sports. A place to keep your art course exhibits whilst they’re ‘between exhibitions’.

Exactly the kind of space you get with a student storage locker or small storage unit.
They’re a safe and secure space that you can store your things in… tbc

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