Meet Caroline from Southwark

Name: Caroline McGurrin
Position Held: Assistant Store Manager at Southwark

Question 1 – Tell us what’s so great about Southwark local community?
The diversity of the residents and all the lovely places to eat! Borough Market is London’s oldest food market and is always packed every weekend.

Question 2 – There are countless London attractions which is your favourite?
Cutty sark is awesome at any time of year.

Question 3 – Why do you like working at ABC and in self storage?
Each team member is highly valued and regularly praised and encourage to achieve best results in the companies goals.

Question 4 – Has Southwark changed much in the last 5 years?
I have lived in Southwark for 3 years I have noticed a lot of new developments and properties being built. The Shard has been great to promote the borough.