Meet Priya from Camden

Name: Priya Cinar
Position Held:  Store Manager at Camden

Question 1 – Favourite cake?
That would have to be Amaretto and raspberry Crunch cake with lashings of single cream!

Question 2 – Why do you like working at ABC and in self storage?
I love working for ABC Selfstore as the Company really do care about their customers and treat everyone fairly – the golden Rule is followed not only for customers but staff and colleagues alike! “treat everyone like you would like to be treated yourself”.
The self-storage Industry at first glance is not as glamorous as other jobs I have had however the joy you get from helping people with their needs is so gratifying and seeing the excitement on customer’s faces when their homes are exchanged and getting the keys for the first time is priceless! I know how they feel as my goods were in storage just last year whilst I waited for completion on my first flat!

Question 3 – Your favourite moment working in self storage?
My favourite moment working in Self Storage is always the same, when I stay late for a customer to move in their goods and the gratitude on their faces that I was able to go out my way to help them in this stressful time. Let’s face it if you are moving, things happen, Removals get stuck in traffic or are late getting to the customer and to be able to elevate the fact that we are closed and they can’t move in after being pretty stressed all day makes my job worthwhile!
I work in an Industry where our customers have so many variables that can happen and understand them and do my best to help them out when and where I can!