A stockroom for the eCommerce age

If you’re setting up an eStore and will be handling physical stock you’ll need to think about how you’ll manage it.  That can be a tricky thing.  Gauging just how much to buy in, whether it will sell and then where you’ll keep it – all the while trying to keep overheads to a minimum – can be a tough call.  When it comes to finding a convenient, cheap and flexible stock room we’ve got a great solution.

More…The watchword in managing stock for any eStore is flexibility. If you’re trading in physical products – perhaps with an ebay store, or through Amazon Marketplace – you will need some form of physical space to hold your stock. But it doesn’t necessarily need to be office space. Sure, that would provide you with a desk and comms, but these days you can get access those services almost anywhere (even on your phone). When taken on a cost per square foot basis Office space of that sort can be expensive and, more importantly, you’re likely to be tied into a minimum contract, which can typically be three months.

Keeping your overheads as low as possible is important for any business, but is especially difficult for businesses trading products that stockroom type storage.  In an ideal world you’d have a stock room on a short term contract with space you could grow or contract (with a rental fee that grows and contracts too!) as and when circumstances demand.

Welcome to that ideal world! You can use one of our self storage units for exactly that purpose. We have a range of storage units in all sorts of sizes that are safe, secure, convenient and flexible.

You can move to a bigger unit, or down to a smaller one as your needs demand, so you can be sure you’ll never be spending more than you need to.  Our Only pay for the days you stay guarantee means that you’ll only ever pay for the days you are storing things in your unit, and with no notice and no minimum storage term there are no penalties when you do decide to move out. That’s perfect if your sales are heavily seasonal.

You couldn’t ask for more flexibility and convenience in a place to keep your eStore stock. If that floats your eCommerce boat, head on over to our Get a price page and spec up your new stock room!


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