Toy collections in storage #2 – Bugatti Type 59 the holy grail of slot cars?

In part 2 of our Toy collecting storage blog we home in on the world of slot car racing – and one model of car in particular. The Scalextric Bugatti Type 59, renowned as one of the most sought after slot cars ever made.

Slot car racing is a popular playtime and with so many cars produced it is a collectors dream. Oddly, collected cars don’t generally get raced, but kept in boxes, cherished as if they were full size classic vehicles.

One make has become the ‘Hoover’ of the slot car world and it’s no surprise then, that what’s thought to be the most valuable (in money terms) slot car ever made hailed from their hallowed factory in the 1960s. Enter (to the tune of Fleetwood Mac’s‘The Chain’) the Bugatti Type 59 from Scalextric.   There were only 600 originals of the 1:24 scale ‘Bugatti Blue’ production Type 59s produced and only 60 – 70 are estimated to have survived.

In the full-size automobile world Bugattis are held in high regard, original cars fetch high prices. The most expensive car in the world is currently a Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic, which sold for a reputed $30 – $40 million dollars in 2010. Only 4 were ever made and  there are only two completely original examples still in existence. ‘Regular’ vintage Bugattis change hands for around the £250,000 – £300,000 mark.

And so it seems the marque holds some exclusivity in the slot car world too.  If you fancy one as an investment, there’s one for sale, for a mere £12,000. And at 1:24th Scale it’s about the same value as its full size counterparts.