Is another baby boom on the horizon

It seems Kate Middleton has started yet another trend, 2013 seems to be the year of babies. Swing sensation Michael Buble and Grammy award winner Adele will both welcome a little one to the world during 2013. Or, perhaps it’s because spring is the time of new life, here at ABC Selfstore we love seeing the little lambs playing in the Kentish town city farm, just up the road from our self store facility in Camden.

Each bundle of joy brings a smile to our faces, a skip in our step and a lot more mess to our homes. For such small people, babies sure do require a lot of paraphernalia: push chairs, changing tables, travel cot, piles of nappies and sterilising units.  There isn’t a room that isn’t untouched on the arrival of a newborn.

But once the little one isn’t so little any more, what do we do with all the gear? Throwing it away seems unquestionable, what if the stork drops another baby off? Giving it away is always an option but, again, you never know if you will be requiring that baby bath again.

As our babies turn into toddlers and no longer need the blanket Granny spent weeks knitting, it’s often the parents who find it hard to let go of the comforting items.   After all the blanket represents a time in our life that flashes so quickly before us, children don’t stay little for long you know. This made us at ABC Selfstore think, where does everybody keep their baby clutter?

If you don’t know the answer, don’t fret, ABC Selfstore can help. We offer affordable self storage units in three locations across London (Camden, Wandsworth and Southwark) and can give you a safe, secure and convenient storage for all your baby stuff.

Also, let’s not forget the work that we parents have to go through before the nippers arrive, transforming the spare bedroom into a peaceful nursery and removing all objects that now become a safety hazard (say goodbye to the crystal vases). However, one day we will be able to showcase the antique ornaments again, so let ABC Selfstore look after them until little fingers grow up to appreciating hands?

With a flexible and convenient self storage unit, you could store everything away until next time, even if the next time is when grandchildren arrive.

For more advice on baby storage, click the link

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