Toy collections in storage #3 – Stadium Events NES – video computer game…

In part 3 of our look at valuable Toy collections we look at Video Gaming. Now most of us will have a Sony Playstation One tucked away in the loft (or storage unit) along with a box full of games.  With so many popular games being produced in vast numbers, it is hard to find something that is rare.  We have to rewind a further 15 years for one of the most coveted collectible video games. So gear yourself up for a round of Stadium Events, in NTSC format, on the Nintendo Entertainment System…

Stadium Events was a track and field style game. In what could nowadays be interpreted as the ‘Wii philosophy’ the game utilised a Family Fitness Mat accessory that required players to run and jump. It could be regarded as an early version of the Wii balance board.

The NTSC format version of Family Fitness is rare because it was licensed by Nintendo, but then, almost immediately recalled as Nintendo took over the game producer Bandai.  With only 2000 of the original units shipped Family Fitness was recalled and rebranded. Some 200 or so units were thought to have been sold, making those original releases some of the most sought-after in the game collecting world.

In 2011 an unboxed factory sealed example completed sale on ebay for $22,800, that followed a false start in 2010, when a similar copy reached $41,300, but the transaction was reported as never completed.

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