Interesting Exports #1 – The Field Exploitation Kit

We say a lot that Self Storage is a great solution for businesses who have products to export from the UK – especially if they need short term space for stock before it travels overseas.

Here at ABC Selfstore we’re always fascinated to discover new products. Useful innovations that get shipped around for a greater good. Here’s another. It’s called the Forensic Exploitation Kit  – and it is a humble but important tool that helps governments and armed forces catch people who do really bad things.
Field Exploitation Kits. A mouthful of a name, but a simple range of products.  Essentially it’s a rufty-tufty box, full of everything you need to investigate and record the scene of the bad things. The kind of things we all see on the news, but try not to think about.  Bomb blast sites, crime scenes where firearms or explosives were used or even a bomb making factory, none of it is at all nice.

The Fields Exploitation Kit contains everything needed to gather forensic evidence in the wake of one of these events. If you’re a CSI, Silent Witness, 24 or Cold Case fan you’ll know the kind of ‘intel’ that can lead to catching the person or people behind the bad deed.

It’s all safely packed into a sturdy Gorilla trunk: swabs, digital camera, card readers and memory stick, evidence bags, flags and labels, sample pots, all weather notebooks, trowels – even a tactical backpack to carry the essentials.

Such kits are an instrumental tool in identifying and breaking terrorist and insurgent networks. It’s no surprise then that they are only available to bona-fide approved Government organisations.

The kits tend to be made to order ‘just in time’ for customers. They stack well but take up room and they go to the kind of places your average courier doesn’t. Destinations where shipments aren’t something you simply sign for. So a temporary space that’s safe, private and secure is just the job ‘pre-transport’… A place like one of our storage units.

Of course, here at ABC we hope that it’s one product there’s less call for over the coming years!

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