Make space at your place, store at ours

Decluttering. It’s an activity that splits opinion. Some declutter TV guru’s argue that physical belongings are unnecessary, that if there are things you don’t use in everyday life you should just chuck them out or give them away. Other folk see objects as an essential part of human soul, a way of connecting to culture, our past history, relationships and family.

As you’d expect, here at ABC Selfstore, we take a typically pragmatic approach. We say each to their own.  We appreciate that some people have stuff they would never want to get rid of or chuck away.  Things that might be in the way and taking up space at home – but would be better stored safe and sound elsewhere…

That doesn’t mean we’re encouraging everyone to store every bit of old tat. As odd as it may seem, we’re with the gurus when it comes to making the most out of your storage. If you’re decluttering, be ruthless. Store only what you really want to keep and make sure you estimate the space you need accurately.  That way you won’t be spending any of you hard-earned on storage unnecessarily.

We take care to help with that – so if you need help with an accurate estimate of the square footage you’ll actually need, then our lovely teams at any of our London stores will be happy to help. Or you can use our size estimator (no sniggering at the back) to work it out yourself.

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