Making room for Baby

New babies are amazing. Tiny bundles of joy that change our lives in so many brilliant ways.

But there’s a whole lot of stuff designed to make parenthood easier – cots, sideboards, changing stations, nursing chairs – and once your new arrival is out of the moses basket that usually means converting the spare room into the nursery.

The knock-on effect of that is you no longer have a spare room. So you either need to move to a bigger house (and how many of us can afford to do that at the moment?), throw lots of things out, or create some extra space to keep it.  more…

If you’re in a position that family can help – all well and good. The doting grandparents might have space to spare in their loft or garage.  But lots of us don’t have that option. So when it comes to finding something to do with the contents of your spare room it’s either sell it, throw it out or make alternative arrangements.

And a really convenient alternative arrangement is to rent one of our storage units. Find out how we can help make room for baby.