Strange Collections

We’ve been in the self storage business a long time now, offering our customers not only affordable and secure storage but also flexible self storage space depending on what they need to keep safe with us.

As you can imagine, over this time we have seen some very unusual objects come through our doors, so rather than talk about some of the more usual storage items such as furniture, clothing or collectables, we thought it would be fun to look at some of the world’s most bizarre collections:

1.       Celebrity Hair

To start, there’s John Reznikoff’s collection of hair from 115 famous celebrities and historical figures.  Not something I’d particularly covet, but the collection is insured for $1 million and includes locks from the heads of Abraham Lincoln, John F Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe, Albert Einstein, Napoleon, Beethoven, Elvis Presley, King Charles I and Charles Dickens.

2.     Cigarette packets

It’s quite common to collect cigarette cards, but Chinese collector Wang Guohua has collected over 30,000 cigarette packets from 10 countries and more than 100 companies in his room in Hangzhou.

3.       Belly Button Fluff

Some collections are a bit odd but Australian Graham Barker takes the prize for collecting the fluff from his belly button!  Every day for 26 years Graham harvested his fluff amassing a record breaking 22.1 gram collection.  After saving it in three jars, the librarian sold his colour coded collection to a museum in 2010.

4.       Owls

Collecting live animals can be tricky, so Pam Barker of Maine took her love of owls to a whole new record breaking level by collecting 18,000 pieces of memorabilia from our feathered friends.

5.       Video Cameras

We have a lot of people storing DVD or CD collections with us but Dimitris Pistiolas from Athens has taken a whole new approach by collecting the video cameras themselves – 937 to be precise and a world record!

6.       Rubber Ducks

Charlotte Lee from California has set a world record by collecting 5,631 rubber ducks – she may well need help with her storage as if she kept them all at home there’s no way she would even be able to find the bath!

7.       Super Soakers

Summer’s coming and I want to be on Chris Reid’s team when it comes to a water fight.  With the world’s largest Super Soaker collection of 340 different models, there will be only one winner.

8.       Air Sickness Bags

Not all collections are appealing but Niek Vermeulen’s collection of air sickness bags has to be the worst.  With over 3,700 bags from over 800 airlines, I may need to borrow one!

If  you need a place to store your special collection or want to clear some every day clutter from your home, the ABC Selfstore team in Camden, Southwark or Wandsworth would be delighted to help.  You can store just about anything with us, so don’t let your creative collection be limited by the space in your home.


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