To get the best deal – check the whole storage cost

It wasn’t that long ago that we mentioned how Price Comparison sites don’t really do self storage, or where they claim to they are unlikely to be sharing genuine information on storage costs. We also acknowledged that Self Storage pricing can be a confusing thing – with many operators all having different offers, discounts, deals and terms and conditions.

For 20 years (Happy Birthday to us!) it has always been our policy to keep our pricing as simple and straightforward as possible. No hidden charges, no unreasonable terms and conditions and all delivered with a great big dollop of outstanding customer service.

It’s a simple philosophy that serves our customers well.  Not all providers of self storage keep things so simple, so you can find that the actual cost of your storage is sometimes more than you bargained for.

One of the most important tips we have for anyone looking for self storage is: do the maths, calculate the whole cost of your storage to the best of your ability, because whilst one offer might seem like a cracking deal, it might not actually be the cheapest.

Here’s a little example to demonstrate the point…

We’ll start with a 3 bed town house in Wandsworth, which we’ll imagine is being completely renovated…

We’ll need a 120 sqft unit to store our stuff, at £100 per week.

Of course, we’ve found a good reliable builder, but this is a big job that will take time (and could take even longer). We’ll start with a  6 month estimate (26 weeks) to reach full completion of the work where you can move back in.

50% off the first 4 weeks
Full cost for 26 weeks: £2600
Minus discount (50% off first 4 weeks): £200
Total £2400

10% off the full storage term
Full cost for 26 weeks: £2600
Minus discount (10% off for 20 weeks): £260
Total £2340

That’s a saving over the whole storage term of £60, which is not an insignificant amount, it could be a pair of theatre tickets or a meal for two.

The savings continue to rack up after that too, which is great if the builders aren’t finished. In our example the smaller looking 10% discount will be £40 cheaper for every 4 week period.

If you’re really savvy you can hunt down a deal that offers both an introductory discount and a long-term one. We’ve got a few of them – simply choose your store and the size unit you need and search our live pricing to find if your desired space is on offer.

Of course, none of the above considers the terms and conditions of notice and minimum storage term. Most storage companies have 7 days as their minimum storage term and between 7 and 14 days notice – which means when you come to move out you’ll pay for those extra days – even if you’re not using them.

At ABC we’ve no minimum term and you don’t need to give us notice. We’ll refund every single day you’ve paid for but not used. Which could be as much as £200 on our worked example.

And to cap it all off … we’re so confident that when you calculate the whole storage cost those Only Pay for the Days you Stay terms can’t be beaten – that if you’ve a like-for-like quote that shows we’re not the cheapest, we’ll match it with our Price Promise.

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