Camden’s Prize Winners | 20 years Anniversary

Meet Camden’s Prize Winners for May 2013!

New customer – Thomas Goodfellow

Storage Customer Drew Manley from Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust








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ABC Selfstore Camden

A Brief History

Previously a John Lewis’ London depository on York Way in Camden, a 6 storey Victorian warehouse, which had been partially destroyed in the blitz and was then rebuilt, was to be the site for our first ABC Self Store. The building covers some 68,000 sq feet of space.

There were only a handful of storage providers operating in the UK back then, most of which operated out of London. But after studying the industry in the USA, we thought it would be something Londoners would find useful so on 1st April 1993 the journey began………

Trading was very brisk, better than expectations, in fact our very first customer, a local resident, required a very small space even before our doors were officially opened. With conversion of the building ongoing we managed to store her items securely in a section on the upper floor of the building. The customer only required about 25 sq ft but in reality got 2,500 sq ft for the price!

ABC Selfstore Southwark

As the building was gradually being filled with storage customers we decided to let the bulk space of the upper floors to insurers for a year; they were storing office furniture damaged in the IRA bomb blast in the city that year “The Bishopsgate Bomb” on 24 April 1993, whilst they decided what to do with it all.

In September 1997 we opened our second store on Garratt Lane in Wandsworth. A vacant property that had previously been occupied by Mercedes Benz as offices and showrooms. By June 1999 we extended the store to provide 80,000 sq ft of storage space.

During 1999 our 3rd store, this time on Ossory Road in Southwark was purchased although it did not start trading as self storage space until 2001. This building had been occupied by WH Smiths as offices and warehouse space for their office supply company ‘Niceday’.

ABC Selfstore Wandsworth

Before conversion to self storage, we let the entire first floor to the London School of Economics to house their complete library collection whilst their new library was being built. The top floor was let to a TV production company that made the Sky TV soap based world of Premiership football called ‘Dream Team’.

During 2001 we rebranded the company deciding to change the name slightly to ABC Selfstore and designing a new cubed company logo which is much more colourful! The original logo was a depiction of the front elevation of our first store in Camden.