Garden Shed Goblins…

With the summer holidays upon us, and the current heat wave looking set to continue, many of us are looking forward to having some fun in the sun in the weeks ahead.

At last we get the chance to explore the contents of the groaning garden shed as we pull out the lawn mower, barbecue and garden furniture for their annual airing.


It is also an opportunity to find out the extent of the damage caused by the ‘garden shed goblins’ over the long winter months.  With dust, creepy crawlies and bird droppings to dust off as standard, the endless hope is that the summer kit hasn’t been ransacked and deemed useless for the planned summer activities.

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding nibble holes in the boogie boards, wet suits and shrimping nets essential for the family trip to the beach, or the tent and roll matts required for the long anticipated camping trip.

It’s always with extra care and trepidation that the roof top box and water containers are opened up to reveal who or what has crept in to make its home, whilst it’s a 50:50 chance whether the paddling pool will still inflate or the garden parasol be in one piece and fit for purpose.

However neatly things have been packed at the end of the previous summer, many sheds are in a state of chaos as the better weather approaches, and are in urgent need of a clear out and reorganisation.  In an attempt to reach the DIY tools, many Dads will have rummaged around amongst the kit leaving a muddle of stuff in their wake.  But then with so much kit stuffed in, it’s not surprising they couldn’t instantly lay a hand on what was needed.


As a nation of hoarders, we have a tendency to hold onto things that we don’t use very often, just in case they are needed at some point in the future.  Perhaps now, in the good weather and with some of the other kit out of the way, is the perfect time to sort out what’s left in the shed and take any surplus possessions that have been needlessly cluttering up the shed to one of our affordable self storage facilities in Camden, Wandsworth or Southwark.

As storage experts, we can promise to keep your possessions safe from your garden shed goblins so why not contact ABC Selfstore for more details on how we can help you out.  With a range of easy access, secure and flexible storage opportunities, we might just be the affordable option you are looking for.

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