Self storage – ideal for UK sports equipment importers and distributors

Back in the day – around 30 years ago – original sports equipment manufacturers were making all sorts of cutting edge gear in sheds. As a general rule if enough people liked what was being made the company moved up to a unit on the local industrial estate, then perhaps a local factory. It was a time when sports hardware was was crafted by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

With the explosion in recreational pursuits and big growth in demand for sports goods these growing companies looked to cut costs and increase supply.   Times changed, the global marketplace and competition drove down manufacturing costs and technology improved logisitics. The result is that for some sectors of sporting goods most brands are now made overseas – and often competing brands come from the same factory.

Take watersports. Surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, jetskis, kitesurfing and stand-up paddle boards – these days they’re mostly made in one factory, at Cobra International in Thailand. Of course – each product is made to the individual client brand specification and design – so they are all different – but it does mean one thing: if you’re a UK distributor you might need temporary space to store your new seasons lines before they get despatched to your retailers.

We can help with that – our range of Central London Storage Units is the ideal flexible space for distributors. Whether the stock you’re importing is high-end-low-volume or a bit more pile-‘em-high, sell-‘em-cheap, we’ve got a range of unit sizes to suit every need.  And the best bit is there is no minimum stay or early move out fee. You really can stay for as short a time as you want. Plus our London stores are great for distribution across UK transport networks – and we can even help with delivery and despatch.

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