Music for Self Storing to #2 – A Quick Sit Down

How time flies. It was back in April 2009 when we kicked off our blog with our playlist… Music for self storing to : # 1
Back then we were newbies to the blogosphere. Hopefully we’ve improved a bit.

We got some things spot-on – we accurately predicted the outcome of the General Election and very nearly all of the senior cabinet members.   In the intervening years we’ve seen disappointment in various sports (football, tennis, formula 1) and national pride in others (athletics, cycling, rowing, sailing  and tennis [again]).   That’s not to mention the waves of revitalised Britishness that were brought on by the Olympics and Maam’s Jubilee.

Through it all we’ve been providing our great value self storage units, topped off with a huge dolop of outstanding customer service. But oddly –  and forgive us for this – we’ve never followed up on that Playlist #1. We must have had our minds on something else.

So here we go then. 4 years late –  it’s time for #2 of Music to Self Store to.  We’ve tried to keep this one a smidgen less mainstream. We think it’ll be perfect for when your stuff is in your unit and you finally have time for a complimentary cup of tea and a quick sit down.

  1. Where do I start? (Chicane – Giants)
  2. Take it Back (Pink Floyd – The Division Bell)
  3. Autumn In Space (She – Coloris)
  4. Record Collector – (Lissie – Catching a Tiger)
  5. Breathing Space (Pet Shop Boys – Elysium)
  6. All there is – (High Contrast – The Agony and the Ecstasy)
  7. Save Room – (John Legend – Once Again)
  8. Where you want me – (Leddra Chapman – A Trick or Two)
  9. Is There No Way Back To You (Deacon Blue – The Hipsters)
  10. Click .. off.. gone.. (Sleeper – The It Girl).

Now, we’re sure you’d expect  Jackson 5’s ABC to feature in every one of our playlists… in a hidden ‘bonus track’ kind of way. So we thought we’d throw a curve-ball in. We’ve chosen this one for the that thing that you threw out – and have regretted doing so ever since. To help you reminisce we recommend a helping of Colbie Caillat’s iTunes Session version of J-5’s I want you back.

Of course, you might not like our playlist. So feel free to create your own. heck, you could even share it with us on our Facebook page and help others in their quest for the ultimate self storage soundtrack…