Recession Proof Businesses: #4 Luxury Goods

In part 4 of our look at recession proof businesses we focussed on the success of discount stores and stock storage. So in part 4 we thought we’d head over to the other end of the retail spectrum and take a gander at the world of luxury goods.

In a free market economy there will always be people who are doing well. People with money. Some might put it down to luck, some to judgement and others to background – it’s easy to stereotype. Whatever underlies their success, it means market for luxury goods still exists in an economic downturn. It’s a market that is smaller – but has a much bigger markup per item Of course, luxury goods tend to have a seasonal element to them as well… which means our self storage units come into their own for convenience and  flexibility in managing your stock of luxury goods.

So – decisions, decisions – which retail entrepreneur would you be? … pile ‘em high, sell ‘em cheap discount store or more of a low volume high return luxury goods. Either way, the ABC Selfstore Business Storage Bundle might be a logistical stock storage solution that’s just right for your business.

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