Baby Boom shake, shake, shake the room…

Count back to Valentine’s on 14th February and you’ll find the ‘most romantic day of the year’ was just over 6 months ago. You might expect then that the maternity wards of England are in for a mini-baby boom sometime around Mid-November.  For those who were getting-jiggy-with-it back then, the 6 month marker also means the beginning of the Third Trimester – and the acceleration of the overwhelming urge to nest.

In fact, the number of Babies being born in England across all months is at its highest for four decades – and rising.  So Valentine’s or no Valentine’s – the heat is (quite literally) on. The annual number of households requiring nursery space has increased by 200,000 over the past 10 years alone. Which means that spare rooms – particularly here in London – are under more pressure than ever.

From the moment the carry-cot car seat and its all important cargo comes through the front door, life is set to change. The sheer range of Baby equipment, apparatus and toys that seem necessary in today’s world will take over every room.  In the Kitchen there’ll likely be a collection of plastic milk bottles, waterproof table cloth, high-chair, blender (for making puree) and probably some kind of teething  toy.  The lounge will likely be adorned with various toys and playmats – plus a reasonable selection of Postman Pat, Octonauts and other Ceebies DVDs and pop-out books. Whilst in the bathroom you’ll need a baby-bath accompanied by a range of baby-friendly toiletries.

But it’s the nursery where most of the change takes place. The cot, a changing mat, tall-boy or wardrobe for bed clothes and a nursing chair are the bare-minimum these days and you’ll probably want to decorate it too. It’s up to you whether you go for the matching curtains and a variety of other soft furnishings…   It all means that the room that was the nursery can’t be any longer. You’ll need to find somewhere for everything that was in there.

With London property prices being what they are, most of us don’t have the luxury of three spare rooms. That means that when baby arrives we’ll be converting the one we have. Which leaves a new problem – what to do with all stuff from the spare room.

If you’re lucky you’ll be able to call on parents to use their loft or garage space, maybe even one of their spare rooms! More likely though you’ll need to find a home for everything that can’t stay in baby’s new place. From your winter-sports kit to your summer surf gear, from your assemblage of slot-cars to a collection of dolls.

That’s precisely where we can help. A self storage unit at one of our London stores is a cost effective way to find more space – without having to move house.

So if your due date is November, you’re feathering the nest and find you need more space – give us a call or reserve your storage unit online.

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