Camden’s Fergal answers your self storage questions

All our staff at ABC are super friendly and very knowledgeable and are here to help you at any stage of your self storage journey!

Our staff from all three of our branches have been trained to the highest standards and can answer your questions if you pop in to your local store to see them. However, you may be feeling a little shy, which is fine as our website is packed full of FAQ’s including some very helpful videos.

Many of our FAQ’s can be found in the form of a video recorded by our very own staff on our YouTube channel so you will feel like you have met them already from the comfort of your own home!

Camden’s sales advisor Fergal has answered one of the most frequently asked storage questions which is… “How long can I stay for?” … take it away Fergal…

So now you know that there is no minimum period to store with us at ABC and that you can leave without giving notice. When you leave, the charges will be adjusted accordingly and you will be refunded any advance payment you have made for days you haven’t used.

Another top question we get asked is … “What can I store?” … again we will leave it in the capable hands of Fergal to tell you more…

So I think it’s safe to say you can store almost anything in your locker or storage unit from your Grans porcelain doll collection, your Summer wardrobe (you may be storing this for a long time in this country) to boxes of paperwork in our archive units. As long as your goods are not inflammable, perishable or illegal you can store with us!