Clever Storage #1 : The Sleep-in-Billy

So much of what we do is about helping people make great use of space. Freeing up as much room as possible – so folk can make better use of what’s available. It seems fitting then that we highlight some of the truly creative and innovative efforts a global group of Swedish furniture enthusiasts are going to in doing the same. So, once a month we’ll indulge ourselves and share our favourites from the wonderful world of .

Up first, the really very clever Sleep-in-a-Billy. And you’d best cue up the  The A-Team build music for this one too… because we love it when a plan comes together…

It’s incredible how many people want to stop over when you live in London. Your popularity soars with friends and relatives wanting to visit from other parts of the UK (and the world). But if you’ve got a small flat or apartment (more the norm than the exception here), then having the space for a second bed is, to put it simply, tricky. So first up in our tribute to global flat-pack ingenuity is the ‘Sleep-in-a-Billy’.

Is it a bookcase? No.
Is it s Bed? No.  In fact it’s both.

This clever design combines 2 ‘BILLY’ bookcases (£35 each) and a FJLELLSE bed frame (£55). You’ll also need some other timber to make the box-frame that the bed element folds into, plus some castors and hinges.   When you’re house is not hosting guests, the whole thing looks like a slightly fat bookcase. It’s when your the visitors arrive that you can ensure their overnight comfort with the fold-down full sized, full framed double bed.  You’ll need to know your way round a saw and workbench to build it, but once it is in use you’ll b able to say ‘I did that’ and then take an deserved afternoon nap on it.

Of course – for all you other storage needs you could rent a self storage unit with us.

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