Interesting Exports #3 – chin, chin – it’s Gin

The quintessential English tipple, Gin is doing a rip-roaring trade in overseas markets. Sales of the spirit have blossomed in recent years – that’s a real tonic for the UK economy (sorry, we couldn’t resist that open goal)!

Thanks to the European quest for ever-more sophisticated cocktails the Juniper based spirit is making a comeback in Austria, Spain and Germany. On top of that, the Westernisation of Eastern culture in China is also playing a part in booming exports of the drink to asian shores. Overseas demand is high…

Oddly, the origins of Gin aren’t English. Like lots of ‘English’ favourites it was an imported product that was improved and finessed into a fashionable national institution.

Dutch Physician Franciscus Sylvius is credited as inventing the beverage in the 17th Century. His creation was a hit and by 1663 it had become hugely popular, with hundreds of distillers manufacturing the drink across the Netherlands.  Just like Coca-Cola 200 years later, Gin was originally conceived as a medicinal drink.

It was British Soldiers, fighting in the 30 years war, who discovered Gin’s ‘Dutch courage’ – it’s warming and calming effects ahead of battle. A demand was created and by  the early 18th Century England’s ‘Gin Craze’ was in full swing with an explosion of metropolitan Gin drinking establishments.

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