Music for Self Storing to #3: From A to ABC.

Getting to and from your storage unit with lots of stuff usually involves a vehicle of some sort.  So, following our ‘a quick sit down’ playlist last month, we thought a more behind the wheel based self storing soundtrack might be fun.

As you might expect from us, it’s not the usual crop of predictable ‘100 Greatest Driving Tracks. No, no, no, that would be too easy.

This one is a handpicked collection of tunes that that we hope will match your journey – so, your thumbs-are-a-tapping, knees-a-are-a-rocking and heads-a-bobbing when they need to be – whilst you pack your wheels, drive the mean streets of our City and make your way to your ABC storage unit.  It’s just perfect for London Traffic… topped off with a rousing tune at the end for the drive home.

  1. Daybreak (Overwerk – After Hours)
  2. Mission Impossible – (Chicane – Thousand Mile Stare)
  3. Peak Performance (Treasure Hunt Theme) (Zak Laurence)
  4. How Bad Do You Want It? (Don Henley – The End of the Innocence)
  5. Come on, Get in  (KT Tunstall – Tiger Suit)
  6. The Road Goes On Forever (High Contrast)
  7. The Turning Point (Toto – Tambu)
  8. Arrival (Daft Punk – Tron Legacy))
  9. Gimme Sympathy (Metric – Fantasies)
  10. Pomp and Circumstance  (Ed Elgar)

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