Packing & Storing Away Your Summer Wardrobe


As the first signs of autumn mark the end of one of the warmest summers on record, it’s time to say goodbye to the sundresses, flip flops and strappy tops to make space for our cosy cardigans But before you start packing away your summer wardrobe, we thought we’d share some top tips to guarantee your clothes remain in pristine condition whilst in storage so they are ready to go when the warm weather comes round again.

1. Clean your storage area

Before you even start, make sure any wardrobes or drawer space is clean by giving it a dust over and hoover out. Wiping with a weak bleach solution will eradicate any mildew or insect residue whilst new draw liners will add additional freshness.

If using fabric storage bags, give them a run through the washing machine or, if using plastic containers, give them a once over with a disinfectant cleaner and line them with a clean cotton sheet or acid-free tissue paper. It’s also a good idea to attach a label detailing the contents.

2. Perfect time for a sort out

If there are clothes you didn’t wear this summer, it’s unlikely you’ll wear them next summer. But if you don’t like the idea of getting rid of them permanently, perhaps it would be a good idea to store them separately in a labelled container. You never know – they may come back in fashion!

3. Give everything a wash

Even if it looks clean, it’s worth giving everything a run through the washing machine to remove even the smallest traces of dirt that may attract clothes-damaging insects such as moth larvae, carpet beetles or silverfish.

Use a stain remover and do any mending work before washing. It’s also advisable to avoid starch or fabric conditioners as they also attract insects. You are less likely to get hard creases if you roll or hang your clothes rather than fold them, and give them plenty of space. If hanging, avoid metal coat hangers and encase clothes either in a thick plastic or canvas zip-up bag or a white cotton pillow case or sheet.

Thin dry cleaning bags should be avoided as they encourage mildew. When using boxes, place heaviest things at the bottom and separate layers with either acid-free tissue paper, cotton sheets or pillowcases.

5. Ditch the mothballs

Sachets of lavender, rosemary or cedar also deter insects but are non-toxic and a much better smelling option than mothballs.

6. But where to store them?

The final, and potentially most important consideration, is the ideal place to store your clothes. Mildew, dampness and insects thrive in attics, basements and garages and should be avoided for clothes storage. Whilst the ideal conditions are dark, dry and relatively cool with an even temperature, many of us simply don’t have enough space in our homes including in our wardrobes or under our beds.

If you are struggling to find the perfect place to store your summer clothes, why not pop into one of our self storage facilities in Camden, Wandsworth or Southwark to see how we can help you out? With a range of different sized units from small cupboards to large rooms, we can guarantee you an affordable option to keep your possessions safe and sound throughout the winter.

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