Self Storage for London Students at ABC Selfstore


As the best of British summers starts drawing to a close, thousands of students across the country are starting to collect their belongings together as they prepare to make the pilgrimage back to towns and cities for the start of a new academic year.

Many colleges and universities insist that their accommodation is cleared out at the end of each year as rooms are rented out over the summer holidays, providing students with an extra headache that most could do without.

With less storage space than ever in modern houses, parents often dread the return of hordes of possessions that clutter up the house during the holidays. And then there’s the nightmare and cost of the logistics of getting it from A to B.

For these reasons, more and more students are turning to self storage to keep their kit safe and sound throughout the year. Indeed, the start and end of the holiday is always a busy time at ABC Selfstore as students start bringing in summer activity kit such as camping gear and surf boards to exchange them for books, clothes, bikes, furniture and a whole range of other belongings (including the essential fancy dress outfits for Freshers Week) which parents are relieved were stored with us and not with them over the summer.

For many international students, self storage provides the perfect solution offering a safe and secure option for their belonging during the holidays. There are currently approximately half a million international students enrolled at UK universities and colleges – a number set to increase by 15-20% over the next five years following a government plan to attract more foreign students.

With storage at a premium in student accommodation, many students make use of our facilities during term time to save the cost and hassle of having to continually shift their stuff between home and college and to make more space in their student digs. And we’ve even got students who use our storage units as a quiet place for study during term time, away from the hubbub and noise of student accommodation.

At ABC Selfstore, we understand the challenges that students face when it comes to storing and moving possessions around the country and that’s why we not only offer the ABC Selfstore Price Promise, but also offer free van hire for qualifying customers and our very own Student Moving Pack

StorePAK Student Moving Kit

With a range of storage units sizes from lockers to large rooms, we make life easy with an online booking system and Freephone number for enquiries. And unlike most other storage companies, with ABC Selfstore you only pay for the days you stay, not by the week or the month.

So, to take the stress out of student life and for the best storage deal in town, why not get in touch to see how we can help you out.

Our Camden store serves students at : Birkbeck College & City University